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Professional Head Lice treatments, worth it?

Posted by Administrator : Wednesday 13th September 2017

Professional Head Lice treatments, worth it? We know many that would like to know if opting for professional head lice/nit removal treatment worth the cost? We explore the Pro's and Con's of using professional treatment services in the UK.

Does it work?

The answer... YES. Professional head lice removal treatments such as the premium AirAllé treatments (provided by Lice Clinics of UK) using Heated Hair are much more effective than the traditional methods.

What does it cost?

The answer... starting from £85 for a 'Full Clear Service' from a Lice Clinics of UK clinic.

Do I have other options?

The answer... YES. The professionals can provide a range of solutions from combing-out and shampoos to in clinic treatments.

How do I book a treatment?

Booking a treatment is easy, simply find a provider i.e. Lice Clinics of the UK who have clinics across the UK including in London, Essex, Birmingham and Lancashire, then find your nearest clinic, the contact the clinic to book. It doesn't matter if you need lice treatments in Lancashire or London, there are many Lice Removal Treatment Clinics across the UK to help.


If you are looking for guranteed results for removing head lice from yourself, your family or a friend then professional head lice treatments are for you, if you're are happy to use the more traditional methods (which are effective) then home solutions are for you.



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